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Welcome to SAHAJ

SAHAJ—Society for Health Alternatives—works with communities by educating them on their rights and empowering them to claim their entitlements in the Health and Education sectors.
Our interventions involve direct action in the communities, action research, promoting social accountability and influencing policies.


Society with social justice, peace and equal opportunity for all.


-To strive for comprehensive health of marginalised communities encompassing the physical, mental, social, spiritual, economic and political well-being.
-To strive for practical relevance to the poor in all work undertaken.
-To be innovative and creative.
-To break new ground in work undertaken.


-Dignity for all
-Transparency and Accountability
-Collaboration and learning
-Openness and acceptance

What’s new?

Localizing SDGs - What grassroots communities can teach us

As part of the gLocal Evaluation Week, SAHAJ will be conducting a 90 minutes webinar on sharing
- lessons from strategies and methodologies to mobilize CSOs for localising SDGs;
- the EM2030 SDG Gender Index;
- a fact Sheet for India based on the Gender Index;
- a training manual for CSOs and local government to contextualize and develop SDG
- gender indicators and index
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SAHAJ Open House (March 12, 2020)

SAHAJ organized an open house for its well-wishers and the public to interact with the SAHAJ team and community members including young girls and boys from the community around SAHAJ's history, current engagements, recent achievements and for future directions. The members discussed a range of issues like nutrition, health, education, sexuality, livelihood etc. with the public and received inputs for making our work more creative and with enhanced quality.

Spreading unique fragrance of love on Valentine Day by Adolescent Peer Leaders and Yuva Manch (February 14, 2020)

SAHAJ celebrated Valentine's day in a unique way by thanking various community members and stakeholders who add value in our daily lives. The adolescent and youth group prepared special thank you cards and distributed it to anganwadi workers, door to door workers who collect garbage, school teachers, traffic police, health centre staff, elderly in the basti and so on. The people were touched that their work was acknowledged and the youngsters leant a valuable lesson about dignity of work.